An independent interior designer who transforms spaces through concept-driven spatial design and creative production.

A partner for clients looking to make the most of their space by bringing to life their unique, eclectic story.
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Vision driven

My work begins with a rich, multi-faceted understanding of the space and the people who will inhabit it. I uncover existing pain points, and collaborate with my clients to define their vision and a plan for how we will bring it to life through the multidimensional touch points of their space.

Concept directed

To create a space that stands the test of time, I work with clients to extend their vision into a concept for their home that is told through materiality, furniture, lighting, art and decoration.  The nuance of objects, flows and details come together to greatly influence how we feel and behave in a space.  I believe we live better in spaces we love, where our story is clear.


To bring the concept to life, I curate and lead a variety of craftspeople, artists, suppliers and makers to execute each element of our plan. I love the magic other creatives can bring to a project, and how they can elevate and expand a concept.

My vision is to help people live better by creating personal, idiosyncratic spaces that they love.

My mission is to create transformative spaces where materiality, furniture, objets and art come together to tell a story that is distinct to each client.



Jocelyn Liipfert Lam is an American interior designer and creative director based in Hong Kong.  Following a career in the creative agency world, Liipfert Lam shifted to interior design in 2021.  She takes a concept-driven approach to residential design – translating her 12 years’ experience creating stories for brands into creating stories in spaces.  American by passport, Liipfert Lam grew up in Hong Kong and returned there following time in London, Paris, Texas and Shanghai. 

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