To transform our clients’ business, we focus on two core service areas

Strategic Services
Creative Production

Strategic Services

LIIPSTIIK projects are strategy-led from start to finish. We obsess consumer behaviours and cultural trends, employ quantitative and qualitative methodologies to enhance our understanding of best practice and industry conventions, and apply lateral thinking to problem-solving across a range of business challenges.

The LIIPSTIIK approach to brand strategy starts with developing a robust understanding of a business, consumer, industry, and competitive and cultural landscapes, and then distilling this research into key insights and approaches that inform how best to position a brand to serve its consumer. A brand positioning informs how a brand behaves, its communication style, its look and feel, and how it solves the pain and passion points of its consumer.

Innovation strategy at LIIPSTIIK means working closely with clients to define how digital platforms and tools can empower a business to better serve its consumers often resulting in new service and product offerings, new operational methodologies, and more efficient processes to connect with consumers.

We also provide business and operational strategy to support our recommendations, investing time to analyse and understand how our clients work and helping them to develop optimal operational structures that enable them to deliver and optimise. We work with clients to define these structures and work flows, and then help define and source their talent needs.

Communications strategy at LIIPSTIIK is where content, campaign and creative strategies come to life. We utilize consumer insights, competitive landscape knowledge and a deep understanding of cultural trends to define what your message is, how to adapt this message for the different channels relevant to your consumer, and how to creatively apply this message in a way that best speaks to that consumer.

We employ channel strategy to develop channel communications that further the objectives of a brand strategy into email, social media channels, influencer engagements, email and above the line. We apply our understanding of the brand strategy and the unique behaviours surrounding each channel to recommend messaging, content and an operational management approach tailored to the consumer and the feasibilities of the business.

Creative Production

We then apply our strategic approach to the creation of tailored stories across different channels.

We employ our expertise in creative strategy to inform Art Direction and Design Direction. We apply insights from culture, consumer aspirations and design trends to define a visual approach that best speaks to your audience and communicates your brand’s message.

We work with a highly curated selection of photographers and filmmakers to execute against content strategies with our Content Production practice, where we partner to create images and film to tell stories tailored to social channel content through to traditional advertising channels.

When the client’s objectives for content creation and social media strategy overlap, we also lead Co-creation Partnerships where we identify social media influencers skilled in photography to partner with us to create brand content.